7 de marzo de 2013

Move on.

I have not been home since you left long ago
I'm thumbing my way back to heaven
Counting steps, walking backwards on the road
I'm counting my way back to heaven
I can't be free with what's locked inside of me
If there was a key, you took it in your hand
There's no wrong or right, but I'm sure there's good and bad
The questions linger overhead
No matter how cold the winter, there's a springtime ahead
I'm thumbing my way back to heaven
I wish that I could hold you
I wish that I had
Thinking 'bout heaven
I let go of a rope, thinking that's what held me back
And in time I've realized, it's now wrapped around my neck

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Cullen Rotten dijo...

Hermosa canción... De las más desvaloradas de Mermelada Perla.