17 de enero de 2012

Inglés, prometido

"She, as any other magical being, could sense when magic was being used. And, in a state of deep concentration, she could see who casted a spell just by looking at a blank spot. But coming to the inevitable point of comparing senses, even though she could see Griss casting a spell, she couldn't actually sense him"


"She went on her knees, with her hands placed gently on the floor. The ground beneath her began to shape-shift rather quickly, but Reat wasn't scared, or even a little discrambled. Her art was under her sole control, and it was going to be that way for the remainder of her days. The ground went from solid rock to a quicksand-like surface, only that Reat wasn't sinking at all. When looked from above, it seemed to be a really gross spot. Spot that shared a conscience with the Elementalist but, in the end, submitted to the woman's own will and pleasure. And every pleasure she could think of pointed the way out of  her cell, to freedom, to her ultimate goal, to kill that guard."

Son fragmentos pequeños, en realidad. Si bien disfruto crear manuscrito en inglés, no me gusta mucho transcribirlo. Ambos pertenecen al momento en el que Griss y Reat escapan del calabozo en las profundidades del Palacio de las Hojas Muertas, en el capítulo 5 (Buscadores de Esperanza)

Lo prometido es deuda, cierto.


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